Apple Releases Apple Music, iOS 8.4, and OS X 10.10 UPDATED

Updated To Provide Additional Information on, iTunes, iBooks Author, and Garageband

The day we’ve been waiting for since WWDC is here, Apple Music is here. Its brought some OS updates in tow, iOS 8.4 and OS X 10.10.4. What does the new service and updates offer, let’s take a look.

Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple’s take on Spotify or Rdio based on Beats DNA. Instead of being its own service, it’s baked into the iOS Music and OS X/ Windows iTunes Apps. The iOS app came with iOS 8.4, but an updated iTunes had yet to show its face at the time of publication. Apple Music will also be showing its face on your AppleTV and on Android devices later this fall.

Apple Music is based upon 3 main sections of content: Streaming music, Radio, and Connect. Streaming music is much like Spotify where you get unlimited streaming access to a large collection of songs. You also get offline access to Apple’s music and iCloud access to yours. This includes not only large national acts, but after also a good deal of up and coming or lesser known bands. The second area is Radio which includes a live Radio station called Beats 1 with DJs and shows. There are also much improved and curated Pandora-like Radio stations based on artists and genres. Lastly, you have Connect which, is half artist-blog and half social network. I won’t lie, I’m a bit skeptical about this part.

Apple Music is $9.99 for individuals or $14.99 for families via iCloud family. Either way, you have 3 free months on Apple’s dime to figure out if you want to pay for it. Since Apple Music is replacing its Beats counterpart, there was some question about what will happen to Beats. Beats Music will stay open for a few more months during the changeover. If you don’t have an Android device and want to move over right now, Apple Music will incorporate a user’s Beats Music playlists and settings.

Update: iTunes 12.2 for the Mac has been released. iTunes for Windows still shows version 12.1.2 with 12.2 listed as “coming soon”.

iOS 8.4 and iBooks

iOS 8.4 isn’t just about music. iBooks also received a fairly substantial update. The biggest is the ability to find and play audiobooks. For digital books, you can discover books by their series and pre-order them. Lastly, iPhones can now view iBook author-designed books. They could previously be only accessed on iPads.

There are a couple other fixes as well like fixing the unicode crash, a bug fix for Apple Watch apps reinstalling themselves, and better compatibility with GPS accessories.

Update: To help better create books that work on the iPhone, an update to iBooks author for the Mac has also been released.

OS X 10.10.4

OS X 10.10.4 can be summed up in one word: reliability. The update fixes issues with networking, migration assistant, support for external displays, and syncing photos both with iCloud and the now replaced Aperture and iPhoto. As part of the changes for networking Apple has removed the discoveryd process that was introduced in Yosemite and has been a bit of a nightmare.

Overall though, 10.10.4 is a very much a bug fix release with no real updated features.


GarageBand for the Mac has been updated to version 10.1 with support for sharing to Apple Music’s Connect. The Mac version also gains Force Touch trackpad Support for use on the new 12″ MacBook and 13/15″ Macbook Pros. For fans of EDM, Hip Hop, and a few other styles, there are over 100 new synth patches, 10 new drummers, and 1000 loops added to the GarageBand library. The synth patches also support TransformPad sound morphing technology almost certainly based on technology from Camel Audio which Apple bought earlier this year.

Author’s Thoughts

Apple Music looks like it’s going to be a good one. The library is huge and the radio function so far is great. Expect a full review from the Tech Hangout in the next week or two.

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Tech Hangout 2.0 #10: Nobody’s Happy in Tech




Mikel Potts


Big News

Most important news stories of the week

AT&T to Pay $100 Million for Throttling

  • AT&T has fined $100 million for throttling unlimited data customers.
  • Says they did not disclose the policy in violation of the Open Internet transparency rule
  • Will require AT&T to change practices to meet those rules
  • AT&T will challenge the complaint.

LastPass Gets Hacked.

  • Password Manager LastPass has been hacked
  • Email addresses, passwords, reminders, salts, and hashes were accessed
  • data is highly encrypted according to LastPass
  • users are being required to change their master password.
  • LastPass is cloud-based.

Samsung’s Keyboard has Vulnerability

  • Samsung also has a security breach
  • Found by Security Researcher Ryan Welton
  • resides in Samsung’s version of SwiftKey
  • looks for new languages unencrypted
  • It’s possible to create a proxy server to false validation to upload malicious code
  • Not only allows hackers access to data, but could install malicious apps and access phone functions as well
  • keyboard cannot be uninstalled
  • Vulnerability not part of mainstream Google Play or Apple App Store versions
  • owners of samsung devices are urged to either stay away from unsecured networks or stop using the device altogether

Zero Day Exploit found in Apple’s Sandboxing

  • Weakness found in inter-app communications system on OS X and iOS
  • Found by a 6-person combined team from Indiana University, Georgia Tech, and Peking University in China.
  • called XARA weakness
  • Used to steal keychain data
  • could also steal data from icloud, gmail, Dropbox, 1Password, Evernote, and many others.
  • Apple was notified back in December and asked for a six-month disclosure window

Twitter Loses CEO, 140 Character Limit in DMs

Additional Coverage 1

Additional Coverage 2

  • Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is leaving Twitter
  • Will be replaced in the interim by Twitter founder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey
  • A search for a permanent CEO will be performed by the board.
  • Twitter also announced it was working toward removing the 140 character limit in Direct Messages
  • will also institute autoplay for videos…. even on cellular
  • users will have options to set Twitter to autoplay only on Wi-Fi or turn it off altogether.


News about iOS, Macs, Apple TV, Apple watch, etc

Apple News Terms Unpopular for Publishers

  • There is controversy over the terms and conditions of Apple’s News App
  • Opt out of the terms is handled only by replying ‘no’ to an email. Not replying means an assumption of agreement with the terms
  • There’s some question of whether the terms could be held up in court without a formal agreement to the terms
  • terms themselves are pretty standard about content rights.
  • Apple has also not told publishers in Newstand about the status of their apps.

Record Companies to Get 70% of Paid Apple Music Revenue, 0% of Free Trial

Additional Coverage

  • Music labels to 71.5-73% of paid content in Apple Music
  • labels Unpaid during 3-month free trial
  • Independant labels in the UK are not agreeing to the terms
  • Their Lobby Group UK music has said this free trial will put them out of business.

Continuity to Go Cellular in iOS 9

  • iOS will further enhance continuity
  • Will no longer require Wi-Fi.
  • Can relay a call or message on your cellular network to your laptop on Wi-Fi
  • cellular must have carrier support
  • T-Mobile only US carrier to announce support

Windows Corner

News Microsoft Products

Stephen Elop Out at Microsoft in Major Shuffle

  • Shakeup at Microsoft
  • Includes both team shakeups and executives leaving
  • Stephen Elop, former Nokia will will be one of the executives out of the company
  • Devices group is being merged into the Windows group under Terry Myerson
  • Devices group included Xbox, Lumia, Surface, Holo Lens, and the Surface Hub
  • Kirill Tatarinov, Eric Rudder, Mark Penn, and long time Nokia employee Jo Harlow are also out

Misc Tech

anything that doesn’t fit above

Sony Launches A7R MKII Camera

  • Sony has announced the A7R II camera
  • 42.4mp Full-Frame 35mm sensor
  • sensitivity up to ISO 102,400
  • sensor is backside illuminated
  • 5-axis stabilization
  • 30fps 4k video without pixel binding
  • $3200
  • Ships in August

TV, Web, and Comics

If something happened in hollywood or print, talk about it here.

Jurassic World Earns over $500 Million. Biggest Opening of All Time

  • Jurassic World made $525 million, $208 million in the US
  • Top grossing weekend of all time
  • beat the Avengers in the US and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Pt.2 Internationally

Punisher Joins Marvel’s MCU in Daredevil

  • Jon Bernthal has been cast at Frank Castle, aka the Punisher
  • Will appear in the 2nd season of Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil
  • Punisher is a former Marine and NYPD Detective who becomes a violent vigilante after his family is killed
  • Differences in opinion often lead the Punisher into conflict with Daredevil
  • Jon Bernthal was previously Shane on the Walking Dead


Computer, console, mobile, or tablet top gaming news

Microsoft Announces Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One; $150 Controller

  • Xbox One will gain backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games
  • About 100 games are compatible
  • through an emulation level
  • games bought through online store will be automatically available if compatible.
  • Disk games will require disk to be inserted for verification
  • Microsoft also announced the Xbox One Elite Controller
  • For Xbox and Windows 10
  • customizable
  • $150

Nvidia Buys Porting Technology from TransGaming

  • Nvidia has bought game porting technology from Nvidia
  • Previous partnership resulted in several Valve Windows games ported to Android
  • will report to Nvidia’s Gameworks division
  • Transgaming’s Cider technology has also brought a number of Windows games to the Mac.
  • No word on how this effect the Mac Porting business


Each brings an item, app, device, show, etc they want to talk about


Defiance Season 3



Google Announces YouTube Gaming

Something big happened while I was traveling the last few days.  Google is now in direct competition with Amazon’s Twitch having now announced YouTube Gaming.  Let’s take a look.

I will admit it, even as a former hardcore gamer, I don’t get watching other people game.  It could be a generational thing, because a lot of people do.  A well known Twitch stream has the following of a Yankees vs Red Sox Game.  Game streaming is huge.  It huge that not only did Twitch’s former owners shutdown the Justin.TV streaming service to devote time to it, Apple announced a system level iOS API just for game replays at the recent WWDC 2015.  For the hardcore geek community, professional gamers have become the athletes.

There is quite a bit of gaming content already on YouTube, but Google wants a more formal piece of the pie.  Their YouTube division was heavily rumored to be in on Twitch before eventually losing to Amazon.  It will have a dedicated app and a special website distinct from the rest of YouTube.  You’ll be able to subscribe to specific publishers and games and receive stream notifications.  For gamers, Google will offer an easy solution to stream your gameplay without going through the entire live stream process.  They’re also offering all of YouTube’s technology including 60fps streaming.

According to the website, YouTube gaming will launch later on during the summer.  They’ll have a booth at the E3 gaming convention to show off their new product.  This could be very big for Google and very big for online gaming.

Source:  Google

Tech Hangout 2.0 #9: WWDC 2015 Wrap Up


Ben Roethig

Patrice Brend’amour

Mikel Potts

Andrew Rouch

Paul Gans


News about iOS, Macs, Apple TV, Apple watch, etc

Apple TV – Nein

  • Rumors held true
  • No AppleTV or AppleTV SDK Announced
  • Nothing on when or if they’ll show up.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan

  • Improved Mission control
  • Side by side for apps
  • Natural language support in spotlight
  • Improved Notes apps and Improved
  • Pinned Tabs and autoplay tab mute in Safari
  • OS X Photos gets extensions like iOS
  • Many under the hood improvements
  • 1.4 to 4x improvements in speed
  • Biggest change is to graphics system with Metal
  • Replaces both OpenGL and OpenCL
  • Low-level low-overhead graphics API
  • Similar to Vulkan or Direct 3D 12
  • gives app and game devs complete access to the GPU
  • better integrates CPU and GPU
  • Ships in fall, Public Beta in July

iOS 9

  • New Siri and Spotlight with Proactive Search
  • Natural language support and will offer suggests
  • Low power mode and general power saving
  • Healthkit now has support for UV and reproductive health sensors
  • Homekit supports Security systems, blinds, and new types of sensors
  • New GamePlayKit, Model I/O, and ReplayKit
  • New news reader app called News. Similar to Flipboard or Pulse. Replaces Newsstand
  • Move to iOS App to transfer data from Android device
  • iPad split screen multi-tasking
  • Picture in Picture for iPads
  • New keyboard with two finger cursor drag
  • Enhanced support for physical keyboards
  • Like OS X ships in fall, beta in July

Swift 2

  • Swift is now Open Source
  • Compiler and code library will be offered
  • Apple will handle OS X, iOS, and Linux code
  • Error Handling Model and Protocol Extensions
  • Availability- tells developers if an API is incompatible with an older OS

Apple Pay and Passbook… I Mean Wallet

  • Offered by 2500 Banks/ Credit unions and just shy of 1 million retail locations
  • Adding 4th major US credit card issuer Discover in fall
  • New version will add In-Store credit and debit cards from Kohls, JC Penney, and more
  • Also adds Store rewards cards from companies like Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts, and even airlines rewards cards
  • Cards will reside in New passbook will will be renamed wallet
  • Available in the UK in July
  • 8 out of the 9 largest UK banks (exception of Barclays)
  • will have 250,000 retail locations at launch
  • Worked with Square on new wireless reader that supports Apple Pay, EMV Chip Cards, and old magnetic stripe cards


  • Wireless CarPlay
  • Support for new aspect ratios, screen sizes, and higher resolution displays
  • Automaker apps with hardware control


  • New Transit Maps
  • New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Baltimore, Toronto in North America; London and Berlin in Europe; and 300 cities in China
  • Nearby attractions
  • shows Popular attractions, restaurants, Cafes, bakeries, dessert places, fast food joints, and grocery stores
  • Displays whether or not the place supports Apple Pay

Watch OS 2

  • SDK for Native Apple watch apps
  • Also allows for creations of watch face complications
  • Gives devs access to taptic engine, controls, microphone, and sensors
  • Siri support for glances and starting workouts
  • third party fitness apps communicate with workout and activity apps
  • multiple friends lists
  • color control for emojis
  • Activation lock

Apple Music

  • New streaming service
  • Combines the functions of Beats Music and iTunes radio
  • Conceived by Jimmy iovine and the Beats crew
  • access to the entire iTunes library of 30 million songs via iCloud with offline downloads
  • Beats 1 live radio station
  • DJs in LA, NYC, and London
  • Expertly curated playlists and radio stations
  • Connection social media/ blog for artists
  • will release in 100 countries June 30th
  • $9.99 for individual account, $14.99 for up to 6 family members per/mo
  • Works via iTunes for Mac/ Windows and Music for iOS
  • AppleTV and Android apps coming fall

Developer Accounts

  • OS X, watchOS, and iOS now rolled into a single account for the same $99 price.

WWDC 2015: Everything Announced

Apple’s WWDC 2015 keynote has came in went.  It was very evolutionary in word, but that’s not a bad thing after some major changes in both OS X and iOS.  In many ways, it was very similar to Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion where they took what they had and made it better.  WWDC also marked the introduction of WatchOS as a native development platform.  This year’s WWDC was a pure developer’s conference devoid of any hardware announcements.  Apple ended the day debuting Apple Music, the subscription service born out of the Beats Acquisition.

Apple TV or the Lack Thereof

Given the shape of the invitation, I hoped for AppleTV as a development platform along with a new version of the streaming device.  It was not to be as the AppleTV got nary a mention.  Whether the device was bumped last minute as Brian X. Chen’s source said or they just didn’t put any extra effort into the device, I don’t know.  What I do know is that we’re stuck with what we have for the time being.  That’ll only change when and if Apple announces something.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Sorry for the bad pun, but Apple is once again climbing the mountain with OS X 10.11 El Capitan.  Its named after a monolith peak in Yosemite park.  El Capitan takes what they were doing with OS X Yosemite and brings some new features.  Some of these are borrowed from iOS while others gain inspiration from competing platforms.  El Captain has a lot of under the hood tweaks to make the OS faster.

El Capitan features a redesigned version of Mission Control that makes it easy to add apps to their own desktop by simply dragging them to the top right of the screen.  A subset of this is Split View allowing you to easily drag two apps unto the screen and let them share screen real estate.  If this seems familiar, Windows has done something since Windows 7.  However, Windows 10 added something very close to mission control, so its all fair.  In the not very flashy, but useful category, the curse will supersize when you wake up your Mac to make it easier to find.  Safari adds a really cool feature called pinned tabs and allow you easily find and mute tabbed audio.  Mail adds swipe support from iOS plus natural language support not just in Spotlight, but systemwide.  Photos now works with extensions similar to the ones on iOS.  Lastly, Notes has been given a major update to make it a little closer to One Note or Evernote.  Mostly tweaks, but useful tweaks.

Like I said, most of El Capitan is under the hood with speed gains of 1.4 to 4x depending on the process.  Nowhere is that more evident with Metal coming over from iOS to take the spot currently held by OpenGL and OpenCL.  Apple’s implementations of these have been less than ideal, so Metal is very welcome.  Metal takes out most of the overhead in found in OpenGL and OpenCL and gives a  lot more access to the GPU itself.  Hence, the name taking it down to bare metal.  It also allows the GPU to work better with the system’s CPU  This should give some hefty improvements in Mac graphics performance in both gaming and professional applications like AutoCAD or Maya.  If you’re not excited, you should be.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan will ship this fall, but a public beta will be program will launch in July.

iOS 9

iOS 9 is Siri’s big coming out party.  With proactive search and for the first time an API for third parties, Siri can do a whole lot more.  Proactive search gives it access to your past and likely search results.  if this sounds familiar, it’s a lot like what Google Now and Cortana do.  Siri will learn your preferences and give you suggestions and if you ask it to save something for later it’ll remember.  Proactive will automatically launch certain tasks like bringing up music if you plug in headphones.  It seems to be what we all hoped Siri would be a couple years back.

iOS 9 is great for mobile users with a new lower mode to keep you holding if you start to run low.  It also has tweaks to improve battery life in general.  Apple says up to an hour.  Homekit has been enhanced with support for security systems, additional sensor types, and motorized blinds.  HelathKit has some new measurements like support for reproductive health sensors and UV exposure.  There’s also general speed improvements similar to OS X.  Gaming gets three new APIs GamePlayKit, Model I/O, and ReplayKit for exporting your video to Twitch like services.  For developers, the Swift 2 programming language has been made open source

Most of the apps have modest feature gains, but Notes gets everything that its OS X cousin gained plus drawing support.  News Stand may or may not be replaced with an app called news.  Its a lot like Pulse.  It takes print articles like you’d see in a reading app and adds in video and audio support.  I have my reservations, but I’ll give it a shot.  For Android switchers, there’s a Move to iOS app to transfer your data from your Android device.  It also helps to find iOS versions of all your Android apps.

The biggest changes in iOS 9 come for the iPad which gains additional capability compared to iPhones.  The new split screen multitasking is very similar to what you’ll see in some Android and Windows Tablets.  As part of that, there’s picture in picture for video.  You no longer have to stop watching your movie or stop your Facetime call to check sometime on your iPad.  There’s also a slightly redesigned keyboard.  It hasn’t changed much visually, but there’s a two-finger drag that adds as a cursor.  There’s also improvements for physical keyboard support.

Like El-Captian, iOS 9 will ship in the fall with a public beta in July.

Apple Pay and Wallet

Since its debut last fall, Apple Pay has brought mobile NFC payments to a level not seen before in the US with 2500 different banks and nearly 1 million retail locations with many more coming this year.  Apple Pay has been compatible with Visa, MasterCard, and American express, but is also adding the fourth major U.S. credit card issuer Discover in the fall.  They’re not standing pat.  With iOS 9, Apple Pay adds proprietary store credit and debit cards to the mix.  If you have a JC Penney or Kohls card, you’ll be able to use it in the fall.  I have my fingers crossed for Target’s Red Card.  Apple Pay is also going to integrate with store loyalty programs in stores like Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts, and even Delta Airlines.  These are run through the app current known as Passbook which is being rechristened as Wallet.

Apple Pay is expanding outside the US for the first time to the UK in July.  Apple Pay will be offered by 8 of the leading British banks and in 250,000 retail locations.  For those in London town, their public transit system will allow you to pay with your iPhone.

For anyone who wants to use Apple Pay and doesn’t have a quite have the need for a full Point of Sale system, Apple announced that it was working with Square on a new wireless Square Reader that supports not only NFC payments including Apple Pay, but also traditional magnetic stripe cards and EMV chip cards.  The new reader is $49.99, but its price is refundable by transactions within the first month.  Apple (and Android) Pay will literally be almost everywhere this fall.

Car Play

CarPlay has two big, but somewhat understated improvements.  First, it gains bluetooth connectivity.  That means you can keep your phone in your pocket or wherever else you want it.  It also means you might not have to channel a lightning cable from where you dock your iPhone to your head.  For aftermarket heads, this could make installation a lot cheaper.  It also adds support for more screen sizes than it previously had.

CarPlay also has much greater integration with your car itself.  Your physical knobs can be used to control functions in CarPlay.  There’s options also options for car manufacturers to build their own apps to control car functions.  You may never have to leave CarPlay in the not too distant future.


This version of Maps might be the big update we’ve waited for.  First it finally adds support for mass transit support, albeit in a very limited number of cities.  In the North America, there are map directions for NYC, San Francisco, DC, Baltimore, Toronto, and Mexico City.  In Europe, there’s only London and Berlin.  In China, the transit is… a lot better than everywhere else.  I’m hoping there’s an easy way for mass transit agencies to add their routes (like in Google maps) so this expands rapidly.  Support in 4 cities really isn’t support.

One feature that will effect everyone is nearby.  It allows you to quickly find food, attractions, shops, and even grocery stores.  Entries for these retailers will let you know not only the information, but whether they support Apple Pay.

These features will not only show up on iOS, but on the Mac and Apple Watch as well.  There was no mentioned of a rumored iCloud version of Maps during the keynote.

WatchOS 2.0

The Apple Watch was just released and still isn’t quite available in stores due the large about of pre-orders, but there was no time like the present to talk about its future.  Watch OS 2 will bring native development to the watch which should speed things up considerably.  Developers will have access to just about everything in the Apple Watch including watch face complications, the taptic feedback engine, digital crown, the mic, heart rate sensor, accelerometer and so on.  The original version of WatchKit allowed devs to quickly create apps, the version with WatchOS 2 allows them to make something more substantial.

The changes just aren’t for developers.  There’s time-lapse watch faces of New York, Shanghai, and London that change the picture with the time.  Third-party fitness apps will now count towards your goals and Siri commands can now trigger the start of workouts.  Siri can trigger glances and write voice replys to emails.  There was some discussion about how easy the Apple Watch would be to steal and that is put to rest with an AppleID tied activation lock.  You can have multiple friends lists now and there’s color controls for the emoji.  There’s even an alarm lock mode for when its docked on your nightstand.  It also integrates the changes in Maps and Apple Pay.
WatchOS 2 will ship this fall.

Apple Music

Two years back, Apple took on Pandora with iTunes Radio.  The results have been mixed at best.  Not just because the service has a few issues, but because another service came along more consistent with what consumers wanted, Spotify.  Spotify is now a cross-platform force that many users are using to stream music because its all you can eat nature.

Apple Music may have been the real reason that Apple bought Beats, not the headphones.  Jimmy Iovine was the president of Interscope records in his past life and brings valuable knowledge and connections in the recording industry.  Beats also brought musicians into the fold with Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor.

Beats music consists of three parts.  First the subscription music service.  You can access not only songs in your account, anywhere, but the entire iTunes library of over 30 million songs.  Its not just the US, Apple Music is launching in over 100 countries.  Its basically Apple’s version of Spotify except for the free ad-supported version, but it has the ace in the hole of expertly curated playlists.

The second part is radio.  Apple has an actual radio station now.  Beats 1 has hired known DJs Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and Julie Adenuga to stream from LA, NYC, and London the “best” music out there 24/7.  It’ll also offer other content just like a true radio station.  In addition to Beats 1, there will be new radio stations, also expertly curated, based on genre.  This will effectively replace iTunes Radio

The last is Connect.  Its kind of a blog/ social media apparatus for artists.  It offers exclusive access and content, though I don’t see it offering much that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram don’t already give you.  Time will tell if its a useful tool for artists or Ping 2.0.

Apple Music will launch June 30th and cost $9.99 a month for an individual subscription or $14.99 for a family.  Like iTunes Radio before it, Apple Music will live inside the Music app for iOS and the iTunes Apps for Mac and Windows.  It’ll come to AppleTV and Android in the fall.

Source: Apple

Tech Hangout 2.0 #8: Showtime for Thunderbolt


Ben Roethig


Patrice Brend’Amour


Mikel Potts


Andrew Rouch


Big News

Most important news stories of the week

Thunderbolt 3 Combines Thunderbolt and USB Type-C, and Cranks it up

  • Thunderbolt 3
  • PCI-E 3.0
  • 40GBps throughput, 4 times faster than USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 1
  • Uses USB Type-C connector and backwards compatible with USB-C devices
  • 100w of system power and 15w for bus powered devices
  • 8 Displayport lanes for twin 4k displays at 60hz on a single port
  • Official support for external graphics cards
  • 10 Gig ethernet and Thunderbolt peer to peer.
  • Coming with Intel’s Silverlake platform

Intel Finally Outs Broadwell Quad-Cores- New Broadwell quad cores for mobile, desktop, and server

  • Include new Iris Pro 6200 or P6300 (xeon) integrated graphics
  • 65w for desktop cpus and 47w for mobile
  • replacement called skylake planned for fall.

AT&T drops subsidies at Retailers

  • AT&T will begin phasing out traditional contracts at retail partners like Apple and Best Buy
  • will instead favor NEXT payment/ upgrade plans.
  • part of a shift started by T-Mobile


News about iOS, Macs, Apple TV, Apple watch, etc

Apple Watch to show up in stores, more countries

Additional Coverage

  • Apple will sales will expand to Italy, Switzerland Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and Taiwan
  • will go on sale in store and online
  • Will go on sale at US Apple stores in approximately two weeks
  • at that time backorders will have been fulfilled
  • Space Black Stainless steel with link bracelet still backordered.

Woman drops Apple I for recycling… worth $200k

  • Vintage Apple I was dropped off at a recycling firm in the Bay area
  • Recycling firm sold the machine for $200k
  • they are offering the owner half the sale price, $100k
  • Owner did not give her name, but it was in her garage

First HomeKit devices arrive, Apple TV required for Internet control

Additional Coverage

  • First HomeKit devices have arrived.
  • include Ecobee 3 thermostat, Elgato Eve sensors, hubs, and smart plugs
  • Can also use 3rd generation Apple TV to control homekit devices remotely.
  • Requires iPhone running iOS 8.1 or later.


News About Google and Android

Android Pay details

  • some additional details were released on android pay
  • Can use pin code, pattern, or password in addition to the fingerprint sensor.
  • Tokenization is done through the cloud instead of a secure element. Limited number of tokens on phone.
  • Includes a rewards program

What Patrice mentioned

Google adds privacy dashboard

  • Under “My Account”
  • Centralized security settings for YouTube, Maps, search, etc
  • Allows you to try Security and Privacy checkups
  • also new privacy site at

Samsung flip phone runs Android

  • Samsung SM-G9198
  • High End Android Flip Phone
  • 4.6” screen
  • Snapdragon 808 cpu
  • 16mp rear and 5mp front cameras

Windows Corner

News Microsoft Products

Windows 10 Release Date announced

  • Windows 10 will release July 29th
  • Windows 7 and later will get free upgrade
  • $119 Home, $199 Pro edition

Microsoft buys To-Do list app Wunderlist

  • Microsoft has bought 6Wunderkinder
  • Maker of to-do list app Wunderlist
  • adds to list of popular mobile apps that Microsoft has acquired including Sunrise Calendar app and Acompli which became the new Outlook
  • Microsoft promises no changes for now

Misc Tech

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Typo Keyboard the Way of the Dodo

  • Keyboard maker Typo has come to a settlement with Blackberry
  • will discontinue keyboards for devices smaller than 7.9
  • Typo was backed by TV host Ryan Seacrest

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Showtime to Launch Standalone Service in July

  • Showtime streaming service
  • Just called Showtime
  • Premium network owned by CBS
  • Competitor to HBO; doesn’t require subscription
  • Cheaper price than HBO at $10.99 opposed to $14.99
  • Starts in July with limited Apple exclusivity
  • 30-day free trial when signing up on an Apple device

Netflix experiments with ads, but promises they’re not coming

  • Netflix began testing pre and post-roll ads
  • only on Netflix original programming
  • will display is specific test markets
  • no firm plans to add ads to mainstream netflix anytime soon


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  • Most Complete Site for iOS MFi controllers and games.


Fantastical 2 for iPhone

  • Calendar and Reminders by Flexibits Inc.
  • Adds Apple Watch app and glance.



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Thunderbolt 3 Takes of the Best of USB Type-C and Turns it up to 11

I have to admit, with the invention of USB 3.1 Type-C, I wondered where Apple and the rest of the professional PC market was going to go.  USB-C took a lot of Thunderbolt’s advantages and put them into a connector that’s not much better than a Micro-USB or Lightning connector.  Intel made a lot of the ambiguity go away with today’s announcement of Thunderbolt 3.  Its faster, more capable, and completely compatible with USB 3.1 Type-C.  Apple’s future got a lot clearer.

The Mini-DisplayPort connector used by Thunderbolt is tiny compared to even HDMI and USB Type-C makes it look like a pig.  Thunderbolt had some advantages especially with professional customers since its direct to the PCI-E bus, but for consumers, the reversible connector of USB-C, 10Gbps data, DisplayPort and HDMI over a single cable, and gives you 100w of power.  In other words it takes every great great about USB 3.1, doubles the speed, makes it smaller, and combines it with both your display cable and your power cable.  USB-C is both more capable and more flexible.  Because of this, sooner rather than later you’ll see Thunderbolt 3 replace USB Type-A ports on computers, MicroUSB ports on phones and tablets, 12v power ports, and if I were a betting man even Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector.  It makes too much sense not to.  As for Thunderbolt, it features a couple of features that USB-C does not such as a faster data rate and lower latency with its own dedicated chip and peer to peer communication.

Thunderbolt 3 uses a combination of all of the advantages above and adds PCI-E 3.0 to the mix for up to 40Mbps of data bandwidth.  That’s double Thunderbolt 2 and Quadruple that of USB 3.1.  Its fully backwards compatible with USB 3.1 Type-C devices and gives the same 100w of power for computers and up to 15w for bus powered accessories.  It doesn’t stop there.  Thunderbolt has built-in 10gig-E ethernet in addition to the existing Thunderbolt peer to peer protocols.  It has a full 8 DisplayPort lanes that can drive twin 4k displays at 60hz.  It gets even better, while external graphics solutions were toyed about unofficially with Thunderbolt 1 & 2, Thunderbolt 3 officially supports external graphics cards for giving your laptop a little more umph.  This is especially huge if you have a laptop with Intel or AMD integrated graphics.

When will you see Thunderbolt 3 laptops, I expect later this year or early 2016.  With the USB Type-C compatibility,  there isn’t a whole lot of reason not to add it to the next revision of desktops, desktop replacement laptops, and (mobile) workstations that already use Thunderbolt.  For Apple, fully expect it to show up in the next revision of their computers.  It could also make sense to move Thunderbolt more mainstream.  PC gamers will appreciate the external graphics capability and people that don’t want to use Thunderbolt just have another USB-C port on their computer.  We have seen the future.  USB-C is the future with Thunderbolt evolving to become a higher-end version of that standard.  Its a commonsense solution that combined with much improved capabilities will benefit everyone.  I, for one, am excited about the future.

Source: Intel