About the Tech Hangout

The Tech Hangout is a a new way of getting tech news & reviews. Which gives you a glimpse of whats going on in the tech world. The Youtube Live ™ feature makes it easy for us to come together and talk live via video and voice, share roundtable discussions with viewers thru the hangout. Once a days hangout has completed we add the resulting video to our site via our YouTube channel.

The Tech Hangout

is able to provide on air tech reviews and invite tech personalities for interviews and general talk about the state of tech via our TechHangout 2.0 video podcast. Whether its related to Mac or PC, Phones, cameras, musical instruments, Gaming gear, Movies, Cars and more. We meet every Tuesday at 5pm eastern. You can watch us live via our live YouTube channel, join us for discussion or catch up with the weeks show by visiting our site. However tech affects you whether its Mac or PC, Phones, games, gaming Consoles, tablets, internet gadgets cameras musical gear, we are sure to cover it at some point. The Tech Hangout, tech made real by real people.

In 2015, we also introduced an editorial arm with news, reviews, and editorials. This allows our collaborators to go more in depth on issues than we can on a 1hr (ish) Podcast.Tech Hangout live via YouTube


You Can also find us on Twitter as @TheTechHangout

Hosts & Lead Editors

Ben Roethig

Ben is the Founder, Host and Editor in Chief of the Tech Hangout. Ben is a veteran tech writer with over 1200 published articles on various sites. He fell in love with tech in the 90s and its only strengthened over time. You can also find his work on his personal website BenRoethig.com and talk to him on Twitter via [@BenRoethig](http://www.twitter.com/BenRoethig

Patrice Brend’amour

Patrice is our co-host and executive editor. She’s been with us since the various Friday replacement show and is one of those responsible for getting Ben to reluctantly turn The Tech Hangout into a thing. Patrice is a programmer by day and cook by night. You can find her at her website Brendamour.net.