Review: Fuse Chicken Titan Plus and Rivet Charge

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I’ve owned more than my fair share of Lightning cables. I’ve had Apple ones and third party, from half a meter to 3 meters in length, and in a variety of colors. Because of Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) licensing program, they have all been exceptional cables with none of the compatibility issues I’ve seen from their Micro USB counterparts. Through all those cables, one has stood above above the rest in my arsenal: The Fuse Chicken Titan. This cable brought a level of tough that no other cable comes close is. I have another pair of Fuse Chicken products I put through the ringer: The Titan Plus & Rivet Charge

Transparency Disclaimer

These are review units supplied by the manufacturer. We did not buy them. However, we maintain full editorial control without interference. This is my honest assessment of the products.

Titan Plus


  • Toughest MFi cable out there by a mile
  • Longer 1.5m length
  • Scratch resistant Gold, Rose Gold, or Black Finish
  • Retains most flexibility of a traditional cable
  • Fully MFi compliant and compatible


  • At $42.50, it can be difficult to justify the price unless you do really need an indestructible cable.

I have both the Titan and Titan Loop from my previous review a couple years back. If there are any downsides to them, I use this term loosely, the bigger Titan at 1m can be too short to use while plugged in and both feature a very utilitarian industrial design. The Titan Plus fixes both of these.

The original Titan is a cable that I would literally go to war with it. The cable itself is so tough, I’m completely convinced that it could survive field work with the military. After two years of abuse that has claimed the life of several Apple branded cables, the Original Titan works and looks just like it came out of the box.

The Titan Plus is just as tough as the original cable. Its also just as flexible. It brings an Apple-like design aesthetic to that toughness. It comes in your choice of Gold, Rose Gold, and Black to match your iPhone. Both the cable and connector shroud are finished. Not only is the cable tough, so is the paint. It took scraping it with a hammer to be able to scratch it. It lives up to the promise in all aspects. The only wishlist items I have for the Titan Plus are 2m and 3m lengths to go with the 1.5.

At $42.50, the Titan Plus is even less cheap than the Titan that preceded it. You could buy several lessor cables for that price and for some users that might be the better fit. For the active user who wants something more while retaining the level of design of their iPhone, the Titan Plus is hands down the finest lightning cable on the market.

Android fans, you’re not completely left out. A Micro USB version of the original 1m Titan called the Titan M is available for just under $25 and the Original Titan can also be found

Rivet Charge


  • Innovative magnetic cable management system built-in that works like a charm
  • Fully MFI compatible and compliant.


  • Expensive

To be honest, I was nor familiar with the Rivet Charge until I had one in my hands. Now I’m not entirely sure how I would exist without it. The Rivet Charge isn’t extreme tough like the Titan-series, but it adds its own niche- built in cable management. The cable features five magnets throughout its 1m length allowing it to securely adhere to any magnet or magnetic metal.

So does it work? Absolutely it does. I have a steel frame desk and usually have my iPhone on the lower right hand corner. The Rivet Charge keeps the cable right where I need it to be. Not only does this allow for routing, you can also coil up the cable if you don’t need the full length/ The magnets are ridiculously strong. Strong enough where I’m able to get the magnetic mount that comes with the cable to defy gravity and fly up at the cable at at close to 1cm. My only qualm is that there aren’t more magnets for even more flexibility.

As cable, I had no qualm about the Rivet Charge. It sends both power and data like an MFi cable should. Like the Titan, the innovative nature of the Rivet Charge comes at a price. $34.95 to be exact. This makes it one of the more expensive cables on the market, especially at the 1m length. If you do spend the money, you will not regret it.

Where to Buy

Fuse Chicken Products are available at their website, Amazon, and some leading retail chains.

Review: Fuse Chicken Titan and Titan Loop

Lightning Cables have typically lacked one thing: ruggedness. You can get a protection case for your iPhone, but it’s hard to find a protection cable. Well, Fuse Chicken has come to our rescue with the Titan, a full length cable Lightning to USB Cable with a tough, but flexible industrial grade steel outer covering. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a pocket version called the Titan Loop.

Fuse Chicken

Fuse Chicken is the Brainchild of inventor Jon Fawcett. The company recently launched a number of heavy duty dock/cable hybrids under the Bobine name. I had the chance to test several of their products during my tenure at Geek Beat and was nothing but impressed. Jon knows how to make a product and these Titans don’t disappoint.


The Titan is 1 meter/ 39 inches long. That’s the same listed length as the standard lightning cable, but the longer light and usb connector sheaths make it a little bit longer. The cable has a thick steel outer cover. Its even tougher than it looks and it’s really damn tough looking to begin with. Its the first lightning cable I’ve used where I don’t have to baby it. The titan can be mistreated as much as you want and come back for more. This is an industrial strength cable designed for your gig bag… or your children. What’s even more remarkable is how flexible the Titan is. It’ll go most anywhere your standard and easily breakable lightning cable can. It’s not a special use cable, the Titan can be your everyday cable.

The Titan adheres to the Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) standards. That means it’s been tested by Apple for compatability. You won’t get that dreaded “cable not supported” error you’ll find in cheap no-name cables. It worked flawlessly both in charging and data. The USB and Lightning connector sheaths are oversized and more rugged, but not as big as you think. The lightning end will work even with protection cases which are notorious for their narrow openings. Fuse Chicken went ahead and made the perfect Lightning Cable.


The Titan is available both on Fuse Chicken’s website and Amazon for around $35. When you can get a 1m MFi cable for $10, this is expensive. However, if you keep replacing those $10 cables for frayed ends or broken wires, it adds up. The Titan will last. Its worth the extra money.

Final Thoughts on the Titan

This is the most rugged cable out there for your iPhone or iPod. its also extremely flexible and fully compatible both electrically and physically with your iDevice and its cases. The $35 isn’t cheap, but if you’re tough on cables, it’s worth the money. Fuse Chicken really out did themselves and made the ultimate lightning cable in the Titan. If you’re a professional and you have a iPad or iPhone in a protection case you need to add this to your gear kit.

Rating: 5/5


  • Steel Casing is tough as hell
  • Casing almost as flexible as a traditional cable
  • Full 1m meter length
  • MFi Certified and 100% compatible
  • No issues at all with cases.


  • A little pricy at $35

Titan Loop

The Titan Loop is a 9” keychain version of the Titan. Its constructed of exactly the same materials, as many of the same advantages apply. While Fuse Chicken markets this as a keychain cable, I found using it as a keychain to be a little impractical. However, it easily fits in your pocket or purse with only a hint that it’s there. The Loop folds up nice and neat and is just a tad bit longer than other pocket cables like the Kanex GoBuddy+. But it’s a lot tougher and more flexible.

What more can I say, the Titan Loop is the Titan only much smaller and more mobile.


At $30 their their site and Amazon, the Titan Loop is also pretty pricey, but compared to other pocket cables, the price isn’t all that more expensive. Plus it has the distinction of being the only steel pocket lightning cable I’ve seen.

Final Thoughts on the Titan Loop

The Titan Loop is a very good pocketable cable, but it’s not that good of a keychain. Its small, its tough, and it’s a bit expensive. If you want a cable that will go everywhere with you and won’t break, the Titan Loop is your best.

Rating: 4.3/5


  • Steel Casing is tough as hell
  • Casing almost as flexible as a traditional cable
  • MFi Certified and 100% compatible
  • No issues at all with cases.
  • Easily pocketable


  • Not cheap at $30
  • Only 9” long
  • Isn’t very good as a keychain