Tech Hangout #49 – The FCC is screwing us


  • Andrew Rouch
  • Hal
  • Paul Gans
  • Ricardo Garza
  • Ben Roethig
  • Patrice Brend’amour
  • Steve ‘Kinetic’ Roberts
  • Ben Roethig (Host)

New MacBook Airs with spec bump and price drop

Apple updates MacBook Air
MacBook Air is competing with the iPad

What the #@%@ is Tom Wheeler doing at the FCC???

The Verge article

Nintendo Developing New Console for emerging markets

Nintendo Developing new consoles

Moves promises not to share with new boss Facebook… then changes its mind

Move will share fitness data with Facebook

Samsung Fires mobile design head

Samsung fires design head

iMessage Chief leaves for startup

iMessage Chief leaves Apple

Angela Ahrendts starts with Apple

Angela Ahrendts
Katie Coootn retiring after 18 years


Tech Hangout #34 – On Trash Cans and crashing tablets


  • Andrew Rouch
  • Ricardo Garza
  • Ben Roethig (Host)
  • Patrice Brend’amour

Oh, F**k you facebook

Sprint/T-Mobile Merger?

UPS delivers tablet… in trash can… on Garage day

Sony Z Ultra troubles

Microsoft Consolidating for Windows “Threshold”

Original shows coming to Xbox

Beyonce sells a bunch of records with surprise new album…Target’s Pissed

Apple adds gifting options to the iBook store (Patrice)

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c rank high in Google searches in 2013


Tech Hanghout #12: Oh Google….


  • Ben Roethig (Host)
  • Andrew Rouch
  • Patrice Brend’amour
  • Rick Garza (Green Tech)
  • Victoria Harrison
  • Dock Rock

Oh Google

troubles getting this started

Post- reader world

Data Centers are taking over the world

Canon EOS 70D: Crazy auto focus. The next step in (semi professional) video production

App Camp 4 Girls