Apple Launches New iPod Touch with A8 Chip, New Colors

I have to admit, I wondered whether the previous generation iPod Touch was the last of the line. It debuted with an A5 CPU alongside the iPhone 5. We never saw updates with A6 or A7 CPU, it has basically remained unchanged for two and a half years. Nonetheless, the iPod Touch has returned and gone from the back of the line to the front of the line. Its brought a slight update to the iPod Nano and Shuffle as well.

64-bit iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch has basically the same casing as the one it replaces. It keeps the 4″ form factor and 1136×540 Retina Display shared with the iPhone 5/5C/5S. There’s one exception, the little used tab for a wrist strap is gone. Internally, it’s a much different beast. The iPod jumps 3 generations ahead in processor performance and gets the A8 as used in the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It also inherits the M8 Motion Co Processor as well. The cameras have been upgraded as well to an 8mp iSight camera with similar specs to the one used in the iPhone 5S and what appears to be the same front Facetime camera used in the 6 and 6 Plus. The rear camera also gains a flash. iPod also gains 802.11AC wireless and Bluetooth 4.1. If you’re waiting for a TouchID fingerprint sensor, you’ll have to keep waiting. its nowhere to be found

Pricing is $199 for 16GB Model, $249 for 32GB, $299 for $64, and $399 for an Apple Store exclusive 128GB model. There are six new colors based around those in the iPhone 6: Space Grey, Silver, & Gold plus 3 additional colors in Pink, Blue, and a red model in Partnership with (Project) Red.

iPod Nano & iPod Shuffle

The iPod Nano and Shuffle also got a minor refresh. Both are basically unchanged in form and function, but they get the same Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue, and Red colors. The iPod Nano is $249 while the Shuffle is $49. Neither model adds compatibility with Apple’s Apple Music streaming service with this update.

All 3 updated iPod models have immediate availability.

Source: Apple

The Tech Hangout’s Take

Quite frankly, this as a bit unexpected. The iPod had diminished in terms of its sales and presence on Apple’s site. Yet, we now have a new iPod touch that is as powerful as the iPhone 6. I can definitely see uses for this in schools, with kids, and multi-iOS device photography. It also makes the prospect of a $99 A8 powered AppleTV refresh more believable.