Tech Hangout 2.0 #12: Return of the Gremlins

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Ben Roethig


Mikel Potts



Most important news stories of the week

Spotify Wants User to Bypass Apple, Save 30%

  • Spotify is sending users a deal on Spotify Premium
  • $12.99 through the App Store, but $9.99 through Spotify directly
  • Offers step by step instruction on how to cancel the app store subscription and switch

Sprint Partners with CarPhone Warehouse for More Stores

  • Sprint is launching a pilot program with UK Retailer Dixon’s Carphone Warehouse for new stores
  • Carphone warehouse is a leading european mobile phone dealer.
  • 20 stores initially
  • Stores will be owned and staffed by sprint, but managed by Carphone Warehouse
  • Joins 1400 Sprint-Radioshack stores.
  • If pilot proves successful could result in a substantial expansion

22 Massachusetts Start Gigabit cooperative

  • 22 Western Massachusetts towned have started an ISP co-op called Wired West
  • Will bring gigabit fiber to up to 32 towns (22 have joined formally)
  • $79 million project
  • over 40% of the residents in those towns have agreed to service and paid a $49 deposit
  • Rural residents typically have to deal with slow DSL, Satellite service, or even dial-up
  • Private communications companies have been un-interested in upgrading the networks of this area.
  • prices will be 25 mbps for $49, 100mpbs for $79, and the full gigabit for $109.


News about iOS, Macs, Apple TV, Apple watch, etc

The Saga of Home Sharing

Additional Coverage

  • One of the changes made in iOS 8.4 was the removal of Audio Home Sharing
  • Only changed on iOS, still active on AppleTV and iTunes
  • May have been a part of a the Apple Music deal
  • Apple wants the feature to return in iOS 9 per Eddy Cue

Apple Details New 2-factor Authentication in new iOS Beta

  • Apple’s new Two-Factor Authentication has launched with newest iOS 9 beta
  • iOS 9 Replaces 4-digit passcode with 6 digit minimum
  • backed into iOS 9 and OS X 10.11’s system instead of inside the find my iphone app
  • It will be easier to add trusted devices or receive code via SMS or a phone call
  • select beta testers and developers will be invited to try new two-factor system
  • two week opt-out period for beta testers will allow roll back to previous settings


News About Google and Android

Blackberry to launch Android phone?

Additional Coverage

  • Blackberry will reportedly launch an Android flagship phone codenamed venice
  • Leaked render from EVleaks Evan Blass who has a great track record
  • Runs full Android with Google services, not a fork
  • slider design with pop out keyboard
  • 5.4” QHD screen (2560 x 1440) & Snapdragon 808 CPU
  • Expected to launch fall on AT&T

Windows Corner

News Microsoft Products

Microsoft Guts Phone Division, Takes $7.6b Write-Off

  • Microsoft has taken a $7.6 billion financial write-off for the Nokia devices purchase
  • will lay off 7800 workers from the Lumia phone division on top of 18,000 jobs cut last year
  • will continue to make more focused first party devices as part of a Windows Ecosystem
  • Move due to diminished expectations of the Lumia line in Microsoft’s current strategy
  • Move follows the recent sacking of Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and his top lieutenant Jo Harlow

TV, Web, and Comics

If something happened in hollywood or print, talk about it here.

Second Star Wars Anthology Film to be Han Solo

  • Focuses on Origin story of Han Solo
  • Set before Episode IV
  • will be directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord who are also helming DC’s The Flash movie (sadly not related to the tv show)
  • Script will be written by Empire Strikes Back write Lawrence Kadan and his son Jon who is also an established screenwriter
  • Set for Release labor day weekend (May 25th) of 2018.

Elektra Comes to Daredevil Season 2

  • Elektra will be officially joining Daredevil for Season 2
  • Will be played by French Actress Elodie Yung
  • Character was already teased as a college flame of Matt Murdock’s
  • joins the already announced Punisher for the season
  • Teaser image includes one of Elektra’s trademark Sai holding up a picture of Daredevil
  • Elektra’s comic arc includes her be hired for a contract by Wilson Fisk on Foggy Nelson
  • Murdock and Elektra rekindle their relationship which causes Elektra to be unable to carry out the contract
  • Elektra is then killed by Bullseye
  • Elektra and Daredevil are portrayed as having an unbreakable bond, but very different views on morality.
  • also a student of the Blind Sensei Stick


Each brings an item, app, device, show, etc they want to talk about


Game of Thrones Risk




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