Tech Hangout 2.0 #10: Nobody’s Happy in Tech




Mikel Potts


Big News

Most important news stories of the week

AT&T to Pay $100 Million for Throttling

  • AT&T has fined $100 million for throttling unlimited data customers.
  • Says they did not disclose the policy in violation of the Open Internet transparency rule
  • Will require AT&T to change practices to meet those rules
  • AT&T will challenge the complaint.

LastPass Gets Hacked.

  • Password Manager LastPass has been hacked
  • Email addresses, passwords, reminders, salts, and hashes were accessed
  • data is highly encrypted according to LastPass
  • users are being required to change their master password.
  • LastPass is cloud-based.

Samsung’s Keyboard has Vulnerability

  • Samsung also has a security breach
  • Found by Security Researcher Ryan Welton
  • resides in Samsung’s version of SwiftKey
  • looks for new languages unencrypted
  • It’s possible to create a proxy server to false validation to upload malicious code
  • Not only allows hackers access to data, but could install malicious apps and access phone functions as well
  • keyboard cannot be uninstalled
  • Vulnerability not part of mainstream Google Play or Apple App Store versions
  • owners of samsung devices are urged to either stay away from unsecured networks or stop using the device altogether

Zero Day Exploit found in Apple’s Sandboxing

  • Weakness found in inter-app communications system on OS X and iOS
  • Found by a 6-person combined team from Indiana University, Georgia Tech, and Peking University in China.
  • called XARA weakness
  • Used to steal keychain data
  • could also steal data from icloud, gmail, Dropbox, 1Password, Evernote, and many others.
  • Apple was notified back in December and asked for a six-month disclosure window

Twitter Loses CEO, 140 Character Limit in DMs

Additional Coverage 1

Additional Coverage 2

  • Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is leaving Twitter
  • Will be replaced in the interim by Twitter founder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey
  • A search for a permanent CEO will be performed by the board.
  • Twitter also announced it was working toward removing the 140 character limit in Direct Messages
  • will also institute autoplay for videos…. even on cellular
  • users will have options to set Twitter to autoplay only on Wi-Fi or turn it off altogether.


News about iOS, Macs, Apple TV, Apple watch, etc

Apple News Terms Unpopular for Publishers

  • There is controversy over the terms and conditions of Apple’s News App
  • Opt out of the terms is handled only by replying ‘no’ to an email. Not replying means an assumption of agreement with the terms
  • There’s some question of whether the terms could be held up in court without a formal agreement to the terms
  • terms themselves are pretty standard about content rights.
  • Apple has also not told publishers in Newstand about the status of their apps.

Record Companies to Get 70% of Paid Apple Music Revenue, 0% of Free Trial

Additional Coverage

  • Music labels to 71.5-73% of paid content in Apple Music
  • labels Unpaid during 3-month free trial
  • Independant labels in the UK are not agreeing to the terms
  • Their Lobby Group UK music has said this free trial will put them out of business.

Continuity to Go Cellular in iOS 9

  • iOS will further enhance continuity
  • Will no longer require Wi-Fi.
  • Can relay a call or message on your cellular network to your laptop on Wi-Fi
  • cellular must have carrier support
  • T-Mobile only US carrier to announce support

Windows Corner

News Microsoft Products

Stephen Elop Out at Microsoft in Major Shuffle

  • Shakeup at Microsoft
  • Includes both team shakeups and executives leaving
  • Stephen Elop, former Nokia will will be one of the executives out of the company
  • Devices group is being merged into the Windows group under Terry Myerson
  • Devices group included Xbox, Lumia, Surface, Holo Lens, and the Surface Hub
  • Kirill Tatarinov, Eric Rudder, Mark Penn, and long time Nokia employee Jo Harlow are also out

Misc Tech

anything that doesn’t fit above

Sony Launches A7R MKII Camera

  • Sony has announced the A7R II camera
  • 42.4mp Full-Frame 35mm sensor
  • sensitivity up to ISO 102,400
  • sensor is backside illuminated
  • 5-axis stabilization
  • 30fps 4k video without pixel binding
  • $3200
  • Ships in August

TV, Web, and Comics

If something happened in hollywood or print, talk about it here.

Jurassic World Earns over $500 Million. Biggest Opening of All Time

  • Jurassic World made $525 million, $208 million in the US
  • Top grossing weekend of all time
  • beat the Avengers in the US and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Pt.2 Internationally

Punisher Joins Marvel’s MCU in Daredevil

  • Jon Bernthal has been cast at Frank Castle, aka the Punisher
  • Will appear in the 2nd season of Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil
  • Punisher is a former Marine and NYPD Detective who becomes a violent vigilante after his family is killed
  • Differences in opinion often lead the Punisher into conflict with Daredevil
  • Jon Bernthal was previously Shane on the Walking Dead


Computer, console, mobile, or tablet top gaming news

Microsoft Announces Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One; $150 Controller

  • Xbox One will gain backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games
  • About 100 games are compatible
  • through an emulation level
  • games bought through online store will be automatically available if compatible.
  • Disk games will require disk to be inserted for verification
  • Microsoft also announced the Xbox One Elite Controller
  • For Xbox and Windows 10
  • customizable
  • $150

Nvidia Buys Porting Technology from TransGaming

  • Nvidia has bought game porting technology from Nvidia
  • Previous partnership resulted in several Valve Windows games ported to Android
  • will report to Nvidia’s Gameworks division
  • Transgaming’s Cider technology has also brought a number of Windows games to the Mac.
  • No word on how this effect the Mac Porting business


Each brings an item, app, device, show, etc they want to talk about


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