Tech Hangout 2.0 #7: Are you TWiTing me?

Tech Hangout 2.0 Runsheet


Ben or Replacement Primary host introduces the show
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Ben Roethig


Patrice Brend’Amour


Mikel Potts


Paul Gans


Big News

Most important news stories of the week

Charter to merge with TWC, promises net neutrality

Additional Coverage
– Charter has announced a merger with Time Warner Cable
– $78.7 billion valuation or $195 a share
– Charter also announced the purchase of Brighthouse Networks for $10.4 billion
– TWC just came from a failed merger attempt with Comcast
– will still require a FCC review
– Charter has vowed to avoid data throttling or data caps
– FCC chairman Tom Wheeler says that there is no merger ban and the merger will be judged on its own merit
– Combined Charter/ TWC/ Brighthouse will be called the new Charter
– will be 2nd largest cable company with 23 million customers behind Comcast’s 27 million

Verge parent Vox Media buys Re/Code

  • Vox Media is buying Recode
  • Vox’s flagship site is the Verge
  • Verge will focus on consumer tech while Recode will continue on with business news
  • Recode’s review arm will become part of the Verge
  • Walt Mossberg will also contribute to the Verge in addition to recode

TWiT to discontinue chat and behind the scenes coverage

Additional Coverage
– TWiT will make changes to its chat and live programming
– Will discontinue IRC chat June 1st
– Due to threats from troll activity
– will look for a more secure and manageable chat service
– will now run Pre-recorded version of most shows, but will still live stream some
– will continue live coverage of major events
– Live New Years Eve will not be continued

Streaming services like Netflix and HBO Increasing data traffic, Torrents down

  • Netflix traffic up from 34.9% of web traffic in 2014 to 36.4
  • HBO Now and Go account for 4.1% of web traffic
  • up 300%
  • File sharing like Bittorrent traffic down


News about iOS, Macs, Apple TV, Apple watch, etc

Jony Ive promoted to chief design officer

  • Jony Ive promoted to Chief Design Officer
  • will be responsible for all design from devices to interface to stores
  • will hand off management responsibilities to top lieutenants
  • Richard Howarth will become VP of Industrial design
  • 20 year Apple design veteran
  • Alan Dye VP of User Interface Design
  • 9 year Apple employee
  • key part of team for iOS 7, iOS8, and Apple Watch


News About Google and Android

Google i/O Keynote

  • Announced Android M
  • No version number available
  • iOS like individual permissions and OS-Wide fingerprint scanner support
  • USB-C recommendation for devices with bi-directional power capability
  • Doze power mode almost doubles battery life

  • Android Pay

  • Works pretty much exactly like Apple pay in form and function.
  • virtual account numbers
  • both in-app and in-store support
  • support of all 4 credit credit card issuers
  • works in store with most Apple pay stores
  • also works with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile

  • Project Brillo

  • stripped down Android for internet of things
  • Weave communication protocol for Brillo devices
  • cross-platform

  • Google Photos

  • new stand alone web service and apps
  • stores unlimited photos up to 16mp and 1080
  • can edit photos with apps
  • advanced facial recognition
  • coming to the web, Android, and iOS today

Periscope shows up on Android

  • Periscope has come to Android
  • App has new features like return to broadcast after phone call
  • Designed by Sara Heider who was previously working on Vine
  • will work with Android KitKat and above

Windows Corner

News Microsoft Products

MS to offer Cortana apps and integration with Windows 10 for iPhone and Android

  • Windows 10 companion for windows 10
  • Connects to MS services apps on your phones
  • Cortana app for iOS and Android
  • will interface with cortana notebook on other devices
  • not all the functionality of Windows version
  • new xbox music app with free playback of your files and syncing with OneDrive

Transportation Tech

Cars, Planes, Ships, Rockets, ETC

Guy takes drone hoverboard to new record

  • Catalin Alexandre Duru of Montreal broke the hoverboard distance record
  • flew 905ft 2in
  • 5 times longer than previous record
  • 15ft of height above Lake Ouareau in Quebec


Each brings an item, app, device, show, etc they want to talk about


Spark by Readdle


New Roost Laptop Stand


Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card