Tech Hangout 2.0 #2: Never Give Up, Never Surrender


Ben @benroethig,
Patrice @casual_kitchen
Andrew @Montisaquadeis
David @IamDavidVaughan/@vaughan_geek


Primary host directs co-hosts to speak

Big News

Most important news stories of the week

Comcast and Time Warner call it quits?

  • Comcast and Time Warner Cable launched a $45 billion merger over a year ago
  • #1 and #2 Cable operators in the U.S. would have had 33 of the 50 million cable subscriptions in the U.S.
  • Comcast also own content provider NBC Universal
  • FCC and Justice Department reportedly are leaning to oppose merger with FCC reportedly recommending it for public hearing
  • Comcast has also had several missteps in customer service since the merger

Verizon goes a la carte for FiOS TV, networks not happy about it.

Additional coverage

  • Verizon is launching custom a la carte bundles for its FiOS TV service
  • new service includes broadband internet, 36 basic channels, and two of their interest based packs
  • $65 bundle $10 for additional packs
  • similar in a way to programming offered by Sling TV
  • some networks disagree
  • Disney has said that moving its ESPN sports networks to a pack is unauthorized and breaks the carriage agreement
  • Verizon disagrees that it needs permission
  • Fox Sports and NBC Universal also voiced objections


News about iOS, Macs, Apple TV, Apple watch, etc

Apple developers get chance for early shipped Apple Watch

  • Developers given option to get Apple watch early
  • Silver sport with blue watch band
  • would ship April 28th
  • chosen by random selection
  • developers will be notified today.

App store for Apple Watch launches

  • Apple Watch App store has launched
  • over 3,000 apps available
  • first apple watches delivered tomorrow
  • many iPhone apps have been updated the last couple of weeks to work with their Apple watch counterparts


News About Google and Android

Google launches new MVNO, FI

  • Google has launched its own MVNO called Project FI
  • initially only for Nexus 6 owners
  • works on a combination of Sprint and T-Mobile networks
  • automatically connects to the fastest network be it Wi-Fi or LTE cellular
  • $20 connection charge, $10 per gigabyte used.
  • Google pays you back if you don’t use all your data
  • user’s can sign up for access at Google’s website

Android Wear gets massive update

  • Major update for Android Wear smartwatch platform
  • introduces some always on apps such as Google maps with black and white mode
  • can work semi-independently with new Wi-Fi mode
  • flick wrist to scroll through messages
  • updated emoji library

YouTube discontinued on older platforms

  • Google has updated YouTube API
  • means loss of support for older devices released prior to 2012
  • includes iOS 6 and older, Apple TV 2, Google TV 2 and older, and some smart TVs and BluRay players

Windows Corner

News Microsoft Products

Microsoft adds killer app for Win 10, Solitaire

  • Solitaire has returned in Windows 10
  • important and well used productivity app

TV, Web, and Comics

If something happened in hollywood or print, talk about it here.

Galaxy Quest Returns as a TV show?

  • Cult Sci-Fi comedy Galaxy Quest might be returning
  • 1995 film starred Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman.
  • parodied actors in a Star Trek-like program that were placed in real space aboard a replica of the ship.
  • would return as a tv show based on the movie

Daredevil Renewed for second season

  • Netflix series for Marvel
  • well received and very popular
  • Has been renewed for season
  • will come out in 2016 before Iron first and the Defenders in 2017

Transportation Tech

Cars, Planes, Ships, Rockets, ETC

Japanese Maglev train sets new record

  • Maglev Train (magnetic levitation)
  • from Japanese central railroad
  • new speed record of 366 mph
  • old record of 361 set 12 years ago
  • hopes for 372mph service by 2027
  • twice as fast as bullet trains


Each brings an item, app, device, show, etc they want to talk about


Yahoo’s Other Space


Reflector 2






Used Lenovo Thinkpad T420

That’s it for this Week’s Tech Hangout. See You all next Week!