Tech Hangout #52 – Apple’s Beats acquisition and WWDC 2014 preview


  • Andrew Rouch
  • Hal Sherman
  • Patrice Brend’amour
  • Paul Gans
  • Ricardo Garza
  • Ben Roethig (Host)

Apple Buys Beats

Could Apple use the Beats technology and infrastructure to
support some sort of TV/movie streaming service for Apple TV ???

What is Apple ignoring about Andre Young? AKA not-a-real-doctor Dre


OpenSSL gets full-time developers

Find my Mac/ iPhone attacks

WWDC 2014: What would you like to see?

I would like to see:
A SIMPLIFIED home automation system, maybe using iBeacon technology
An expanded Apple TV (box)
An iPhone just a little bit larger. Not a phablet.
And finally, a beta program where Apple sends ME beta versions of all their new stuff to test.