Tech Hangout #48 – The US Airways Twitter screwup


  • Andrew Rouch
  • Hal Sherman
  • Ben Roethig (Host)
  • Patrice Brend’amour
  • Ricardo Garza
  • JW Hodge

iPhones and Macs up, iPads down, 7 to 1 split, Big stock buyback, and Angela comes to Cuppertino

Apple’s Stock Jumps $40 (7.7%) in After-Hours Session
Over 23% of Apple’s iPad buyers were new to the iPad

Apple opens up Beta Program to public

Apple opens up Mavericks Beta Program to the public

USAirways Twitter really really screws up

The Verge Article
US Airways employee screws up

Project Ara takes shape

Project Ara

GameStop puts SimplyMac stores where Apple isn’t

Game Stop puts SimplyMac stores where Apple isn’t

Aftermarket Carplay units coming!

Pioneer brings Apple’s CarPlay to older cars
CarPlay is coming to third-party stereo market