Tech Hangout #11 – Platform talk


  • Ricardo Garza (Host)
  • Patrice Brend’amour (Twitter: @casual_kitchen)
  • Ben Roethig (Zombie Representative)
  • Andrew Rouch

Fragmentation: iOS 7 and Android

Windows 8/8.1

Microsoft bringing its games to mobile devices

Tech Hangout #10 – What’s wrong with our carriers?


  • Ben Roethig (Host)
  • Rick Garza (Green Tech)
  • Andrew Rouch
  • Shawn ‘Doc Rock’ Boyd = Sexy beast 🙂
  • Steve ‘Kinetic’ Roberts
  • Melissa Davis
  • Kelly Guimont
  • Patrice Brend’amour

E3: Xbox One vs. PS4,-producer,-plants-vs-zombies-garden-warfare

Parenting today vs. when we grew up

Waze acquired by Google

Sprint vs Clearwire vs DISH

Kelly suggests

Mobile carriers in the US

iPhone Antenna:

Tech Hangout # 9 – WWDC 2013 and a lot of Business Advice


  • Ben Roethig (Host)
  • Andrew Rouch
  • Shawn ‘Doc Rock’ Boyd
  • Melissa ‘The Mac Mommy’ Davis
  • Patrice Brend’amour
  • Ricardo Garza (Green Tech)

WWDC aftermath

Sold out in 71 seconds.

iOS7 is white, OS X has a new name and the Mac Pro looks like a super sexy trash can.
And don’t forget iTunes Radio.

As Phil Schiller put it: “Can’t innovate any more my ass.”

Apps Sherlocked by iOS 7/iCloud


Book: Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age

How to charge from your customers what you’re worth – Business Advice from Panel

Justifying the cost of business going up:

Doc Says, “Stop saying: ‘That was easy.’ and ‘No problem.’”

Patrice says: “We charge by experience, not by the hour”

Don’t forget to “charge” for the time needed to digest this information!

Interesting Podcast for Freelancers and everybody who works from home:

Tech Hangout #8 – The Reversed Reality Distortion Field


  • Ben Roethig (Host)
  • Patrice Brend’amour
  • Andrew Rouch
  • Ricardo Garza
  • Melissa ‘Mac Mommy’ Davis

Zynga cuts jobs, studios

Is Microsoft THAT desperate? The latest Microsoft Surface Ads target iPad directly

(Ubuntu) Linux as a data recovery tool

WWDC Predictions

WWDC is starting next week (Monday). Here are our predictions:

– iOS 7 and Mac OS 10.9.
– Plus maybe a new Mac Pro.
– Nothing else on the Hardware side.

– Concerned that iOS 7 will drop support for the 3GS

– Maybe something with the Apple TV?

– Everything is said.